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Aircraft Turbochargers from Hartzell Engine Technologies


Bruce Bohannon Rajay Turbo

Hartzell is the sole source provider of OEM aircraft turbochargers and related controls to the General Aviation Industry, and by far the largest provider of replacement components to the aftermarket. Though repair facilities can overhaul and repair these items, no other company in the world offers approved replacement components.

The history of HET turbochargers in aviation can be traced back to 1997 when Honeywell's Rajay turbochargers, components, and parts were obtained. Then later in 2000 the product line expanded with the significant aquisition of Honeywell's Garrett aviation turbocharger manufacturing line. Now Hartzell Engine Technologies is in the position of being the only certified FAA/PMA supplier of a complete aviation turbocharger system, including the turbocharger units and their required control devices.



Here at Hartzell (HET), we are constantly expanding our product lines to meet the ever changing needs of the aviation industry. Our purchase of the RAJAY and Garrett turbochargers, pressure relief valves, wastegates, and controllers makes us your best source for both new and rebuilt turbocharging systems for all the general aviation aircraft flying today.

  • Factory New, OEM Approved
  • Rebuilt to Factory New Tolerances
  • Performance alloys that resist cracking

Turbocharger Design

  • Turbocharger consists of radial-outflow type air compressor direct-coupled to radial-inflow type turbine
  • Turbine and compressor wheels, mounted on common shaft, rotate at same speed
  • Wheel shaft supported by full floating bearings in cast iron center housing
  • Pressurized lubricating oil, from engine lube system, delivered to shaft bearings through drilled passages in center housing
  • Lubricating oil collected in center housing drains by gravity or is scavenged back to the engine crankcase
  • Flow of gas directed to and from wheels by specially designed housings attached to center housing


  • No scheduled periodic maintenance of turbocharger required
  • Good maintenance practices must be observed for engine lubrication, air intake, and exhaust systems for maximum turbocharger life and performance

Turbo Operation

  • Turbine, driven by exhaust gas from engine exhaust manifold, drives direct-coupled compressor
  • Compressor output (compressed air) is delivered through ducting to engine intake manifold
  • Increased density of fuel/air mixture in engine permits increased power output
  • Turbocharger speed and compressor output are controlled by use of an aneroid type controller and wastegate, to maintain sea level horsepower to high altitude. Bleed air from the compressor is also available for cabin pressurization options.

Aircraft Turbo System includes: (cut-a-way example)

  • Turbine Housing
  • Turbine Wheel
  • Center Housing
  • Full Floating Shaft Bearing
  • Thrust Bearing
  • Thrust Collar
  • Back Plate
  • Compressor Housing
  • Compressor Wheel
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Sonic Venturi
  • Variable Controller
  • Exhaust Bypass Valve

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