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Certified Repair
Station: 1HZR769B

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  • 80,000 ft² (7,432 m²)
  • Headquarters
  • Administration
  • Assembly
  • Overhaul & Rebuild
  • 100+ Employees
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Machining

Our Mission: Seeking To Provide The Best Aircraft Accessories In The World. Start to Fly with Hartzell Engine Technologies

Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC (HET) manufactures new and refurbished aircraft starters, alternators, fuel pumps, valves, controls, turbochargers and turbocharger controls, and various other electrical components for the general aviation market.

Additionally, Hartzell Engine Tech manufactures new and rebuilt combustion heaters and heater controls for various piston and turbine powered aircraft, including helicopters.

Operations: High Performance Cells = Total Quality

Capital Investment in New Tooling and Equipment

  • CMM and other inspection equipment
  • Updated & improved assembly test equipment
  • Precision machining centers
  • New & upgraded supplier tooling

Process Design

  • Raw Material in Cell
  • Done–in-One manufacturing, Self-Directed / Self-Reliant
  • Machine Groups / Parallel Operations
  • Equipment Dedicated to Component Families
  • Flexible Capacity / Contingency Plan

Utilization Of Metal Cutting Equipment

  • Tooling Dedicated, Flexible Fixturing (Low Setup)
  • Automated Setup, Health Check, In-Process Adjustment of Key Features, Documented Processes

Utilization Of Metrology Equipment

  • Automated Measurement with Data Collection
  • 100% Feature Inspection

A Division of Tailwind Technologies

Hartzell Engine Technologies is a subsidiary of Tailwind Technologies Inc.. Tailwind is also the parent company of Hartzell Propeller Inc., Mayday Manufacturing Company, Hi-Tech Metal Finishing, Industrial Tube Company, Electrofilm Manufacturing Company and AcousticFab LLC, collectively Hartzell Aerospace.

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Piqua, Ohio, the company buys and operates value-added manufacturing businesses in general aviation, aerospace and industrial sectors with a long-term hold strategy.

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